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Graphic Design and Photography 116 - History of Graphic Design - Briccetti: Home

This guide provides search strategies and recommended resources for research in Graphic Design and Photography 116 with Rose Briccetti.

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Assignment Calculators

Try using an assignment calculator to help plan your time during the research process.

Your Assignment

You will write a 4-6 page research paper using at least 5 sources, including at least one print source, and citing your sources in Chicago style.

Select an era of interest in graphic design/visual communication between prehistory and the mid-20th century/Bauhaus. Conduct preliminary research on your era to understand it historically and artistically. Choose a work of design to assess in depth which you feel represents important ideas/technologies/themes/etc. of your era. Take a position about the cultural importance of this work and use research to back up your assertions. In addition, using your own judgement and what we’ve learned in this course, do a formal analysis of the work you have chosen.

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