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Biology 102 - Research on Organisms: Home

Describe an INVERTEBRATE (no backbone) anatomical structure, organ or organ system in a single species or group of related species.

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Your Assignment

A minimum of at least SIX DIFFERENT references. You may use more than six references and the expectation is that you will have more than six different sources. Your sources may be books, journals or periodicals.

Getting Started

The best method to find articles on your organism is to first know the family name. It may also be helpful to know the genus and species names. With that information in hand, you will be more successful searching for academic articles on the organism.

For example, the mosquito. The family name is culicidae. There are 112 genera and 3500 species. In this example, it may be easier to focus only on the family name unless you have a specific genus in mind.

Where can you find these names? Sometimes a review in your textbook or Wikipedia will be the easiest. The library also has many organism-based encyclopedias near the Reference Desk and online from Credo Reference or Gale Virtual Reference Library.



Organism Classification


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