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Communication 121 & 122 – Interpersonal Communication – Finding Research Articles: Finding Research Articles

This guide provides students with tips and recommended resources for finding research articles on topics related to Communication.

Finding Articles from Communication Journals

Your assignment requires you to find research articles from scholarly communication journals. Appendix A in your textbook discusses the research and publication process in the field of interpersonal communication. See page 374 of your textbook for a list of journals you can use.

To find research articles from communication journals, you will need to use the following library database:

Comm 121 & 122 Video #1

The following five-minute video demonstrates how to use the Communication and Mass Media Complete database to find research articles.

To find more Communication resources, see the Resources for Communication Research document.

Advanced Search Tricks and Interpreting Search Results

Comm 121 & 122 Video #2

The video below demonstrates some advanced search techniques to help you search more effectively. It also shows you how to evaluate your search results to find the most relevant articles. You may also read the Comm 121 & 122 Video #2 transcript