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Graphic Design and Photography 116 - History of Graphic Design - Schuldt: Home

This guide provides search strategies and recommended resources for research in Graphic Design and Photography 116 with Mandy Schuldt

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Your Assignment

For your Final Presentation, you will prepare and present an overview of Megg's History of Graphic Design, Chapter 24: The Digital Revolution. This must be a visual presentation. Use Google Slides, PPT, or PREZI. You must use a minimum of 16 slides, in this order:

  • Title page with Chapter name and Your name
  • Introduction: Begin Your presentation with a brief overview of the technology explosion that has occurred within the graphic design industry in the last 30 years.
  • Who were the early pioneers? Provide a short bio and a visual example of their work.
  • How did these technological innovations change/affect Editorial design
    • Narrative (answer the above question)
    • Visual examples with artist names
  • How did these technological innovations change/affect Typography?
    • Narrative (answer the above question)
    • Visual examples with artist names
  • How did these technological innovations change/affect Photography/Illustration
    • Narrative (answer the above question)
    • Visual examples with artist names
  • Interactive Media Summarize the history of these developing technologies and how the design approach differs from that of traditional print media. For example, what considerations are involved in a "non-linear" structure? Choose 2 topics from the list below (each of the two topics should include 2 slides -- Narrative; and Visual examples -- for a total of 4 slides):
    • The Internet
    • Portable devices
    • Motion graphics and film titles
    • Typography and the built environment
  • Conclude with your thoughts on the future of design (read the Epilogue, p. 621)
  • Citations list page

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