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Open Educational Resources (OER): OER at SBCC

This guide provides information about finding and using open educational resources.


In response to student concerns about the current price of course materials, SBCC has secured a grant to provide professional development opportunities and support for faculty interested in switching from high-cost, traditionally published textbooks to free or low-cost Open Educational Resources.

Please consult the flow chart and stipend structure for Open Educational Resources adoption guidelines and incentives.

Get Help
For questions about OER, finding OER, stipends, and the SBCC Textbook Affordability Program contact program coordinator Corrie Bott
For assistance finding supplemental library materials contact Reference Librarian Michelle Bone, Instruction Coordinator Librarian Ellen Carey, or Camerin Poulson.
For technical and design assistance incorporating OER into your course contact the Faculty Resource Center.
For questions about how to offer print copies of your OER through the bookstore contact Mark Zolezzi
To get a print copy of your OER placed on the library reserve contact Camerin Poulson.
For questions about acquiring accessible OER materials to support students with disabilities please contact Laurie Vasquez, Assistive Technologies Specialist. To understand the interaction between accessibility and OER materials please use the accessibility checklist as a guide.