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English 110 - D. Starkey: Home

This guide provides search strategies and recommended resources for research in English 110 with David Starkey.

Research Help

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Your Assignment

Pressroom of the New York Times

Your assignment: Write a research essay of 2500-3000 words that thoroughly describes, investigates and analyzes the topic you have been following this semester in The New York Times. The paper should be answering a research question that you have posed, and the scope should be sufficiently narrowed for intelligent coverage in the allotted space.

In addition to 4-7 sources from The New York Times, you will also need to find and use 4-7 credible and persuasive sources other than the Times.

You will be using MLA style for your citations.


Image from Wikimedia Commons by Marjory Collins (Public Domain)


More Research and Writing Help

If you need more help with your research, contact a librarian by chat, phone, email, or in person, or explore the library's online tutorials.

For writing help, contact the Writing Center in the Cartwright Learning Resources Center (CLRC). The Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring and a variety of helpful support materials.

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