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This guide provides students with tips and suggested resources for finding sources for their community controversies essay for English 110 with Professor Foege

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Your Assignment

Your assignment requires you to write an academic argument related to a personal interest or life experience. Consider your audience to be those who either partially or completely disagree with your position.

This assignment has several purposes:
1. To become more aware of how academic arguments can grow out of your personal
interests and life experiences
2. To think critically by exploring different viewpoints on an issue, examining the evidence
to support all viewpoints, and developing your own educated argument on the issue
3. To enhance academic research skills by finding, evaluating, and integrating quality
sources into your own writing
4. To practice writing a well-organized argument essay

You will find and incorporate at least 4 credible sources on your topic. Do not just look for sources that confirm or support your opinions; you should include sources that offer opposing views. You will cite your sources using MLA style.  

More Research and Writing Help

If you need more help with your research, contact a librarian by chat, phone, email, or in person, or explore the library's online tutorials.

For writing help, contact the Writing Center in the Cartwright Learning Resources Center (CLRC). The Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring and a variety of helpful support materials.


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