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This guide provides search strategies and recommended resources for research in English 111 with Wendy Lukomski.

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Your Assignment


Write a 2000-2200 paper in MLA style, analyzing BOTH The Hairy Ape and A Doll’s House through the lens of one of the two prompts summarized below (see your full assignment instructions for more details).


Use minimum of three sources from the Luria Library, including at least two peer-reviewed articles. You may use a peer-reviewed psychological or historical article as one of your peer-reviewed sources. However, you must also use at least one peer-reviewed work of literary criticism.

Prompts (choose one)

  1. Write a research paper in which you explore the dynamics of belonging. You might consider even researching the psychology of belonging. Focus specifically on who gets to decide who belongs and on what basis as portrayed in both plays. Responding to this prompt may well be enriched with research on historical contexts embedded in either play, particularly The Hairy Ape.
  2. Analyze how both playwrights used theatrical strategies to produce effect beyond rational thinking, in other words, to incite emotions. This requires you to dig deep into the texts themselves to show plentiful examples. Do some research about the extent to which the Well-made Play, or Expressionism or the chorus had been used to such theatrical effect. What’s more, research audiences and critics' reactions to the plays, especially these devices.

Combine elements of theater, elements of live production, and feminist theory if appropriate to respond to one of two prompts.

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