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Anthropology 104 - Jaqua: Home

This guide provides search strategies and recommended resources for research in Anthropology 104 with Prof. Allison Jaqua.

Research Help

Live Chat (available during Luria Library open hours):

Phone: 805-730-4444


Zoom: make an appointment

In Person: stop by the Library on the West Campus during open hours

Assignment Calculator

Try using an assignment calculator to help plan your time during the research process.

Your Assignment

emojisResearch Project

You will write a 10-page research paper on an issue/question/subject addressed in the class, and will give a 5-7-minute presentation presenting your research.


You can approach this assignment in several ways. You can pose a question on a topic that you attempt to answer, you can compare differing theories on a topic, you can pick a topic and report on the latest research. 


Use at least 4-5 relevant, timely sources, mostly from academic sources (nothing over 10 years old and no Wikipedia or Khan Academy). Resources (citations) should also demonstrate a range of potential views/perspectives on the topic. 


  1. Monday February 20th: two topic choices due (turn-in on Canvas).
  2. Monday March 20th paper outline AND citations due (turn-in on Canvas)
  3. Wednesday April 26th final paper due (turn-in on Canvas)
  4. Mon/Wed May 1-10 in-class presentations

More Research and Writing Help

If you need more help with your research, contact a librarian by chat, phone, email, or in person, or explore the library's online tutorials.

For writing help, contact the Writing Center in the Cartwright Learning Resources Center (CLRC). The Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring and a variety of helpful support materials.

Ellen Carey

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Ellen Carey
Any of the SBCC librarians can help you! Use the online chat to reach a librarian right away during open hours.

Why use the library when you have Google?

The following video covers the differences between the surface web and deep web, what you can find through Google, what you can find through SBCC Luria Library databases and OneSearch, and how to get help with your research from a librarian: