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English 110 - Peters - Culture and Immigration: Background Info

This guide provides search strategies and recommended resources for research on culture and immigration in English 110 with Prof. Meryl Peters.

Finding Background Information

Library reference sources are a great place to find objective background information on your topic. They can also help you narrow your topic and discover keywords for further searching.

Print Reference Sources

The following reference books are located in the Luria Library reference section. Ask a librarian for help finding the best book for your topic.

  • The Historical and Cultural Atlas of African Americans -- R 301.45196 A798h
  • Encyclopedia of Diasporas: Immigrant and Refugee Cultures Around the World -- R 304.8 E53e
  • Encyclopedia of North American Immigration -- 304.8 P884e
  • Immigration in America today: An Encyclopedia -- 304.873 L886i
  • Encyclopedia of Immigration and Migration in the American West -- R 304.878 B168e
  • American Immigrant Cultures : Builders of a Nation -- R 305.8 L657e
  • We the People -- R 317.3 A427w (found in the atlas stand)
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America -- R 317.3 V413g 2000
  • Facts about American Immigration -- R 325.73 B885f
  • The Atlas of American Migration -- R 325.73 F584a
  • The Mexican American Experience: An Encyclopedia -- R 973.04 M511m
  • Encyclopedia Latina: History, Culture, and Society in the United States -- R 973.0468 S798e
  • The Encyclopedia of the Irish in America -- R 973.049162 G553e
  • The Asian American Encyclopedia -- R 973.0495 N278a
  • Encyclopedia of African-American Heritage -- R 973.0496 A468e 2000 or Access Online
  • Encyclopedia of the Great Black Migration -- R 973.0496 R347e

Online Reference Sources

To access this reference database from off campus, you will be prompted to log in with your Pipeline username and password.


The following online reference books are also useful for exploring immigration waves.

  • Encyclopedia of North American Immigration: Encyclopedia of North American Immigration, Revised Edition is a comprehensive encyclopedia consisting of hundreds of A-to-Z entries on events, themes, people, places, and legislation related to immigration.
  • Countries and Their Cultures: Presents the cultural similarities within a country that set it apart from others by examining over 200 countries to document the myriad ways in which culture defines and separates the nations of the world as much as geographical borders do. Surveys each country's shared values, behaviors and cultural variations from foods and rituals to pastimes and arts, using a standard entry format for easy comparison.
  • Asian American Chronology: Key moments in Asian American history come alive in this concise and accessible chronology.
  • European Social History: This six-volume reference includes more than 230 articles, ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 words, on everything from serfdom and the economy, to witchcraft and public health.