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The Unconference: Community College Library Issues: Presentations

The Community College Library Issues Unconference was a full-day event which took place in 2012 and 2014 at Santa Barbara City College.


Get valuable feedback from your community college colleagues by giving a brief presentation at the Unconference.

Do you have a lesson plan or project you a presentation to your Board, or a faculty workshop, or a conference presentation you are getting ready for?


Do you have an idea for a library-related project you'd like feedback on, or want to find possible collaboration between colleges?


    • Present for 7 minutes, with 5 minutes given afterwards for questions/feedback.


There will be 2 of these sessions during the day.

Registrants will submit presentation titles and two weeks prior to the Unconference registrants will vote on which topics we will discuss on May 3rd.

Topics - 2014

Group discussions will last 50 minutes. There will be 3-4 different discussion groups going on during each of three discussion periods. The goal is to allow everyone to contribute to the discussion.

Registrants will suggest topics (suggest your own or use the list below) and two weeks prior to the Unconference registrants will vote on which topics we will discuss on May 3rd.

The role of the topic facilitator? Start the conversation, draw out ideas, keep us on track. You don't have to be an expert.

Some topic ideas, from national and state conferences:



      • Rubrics and other tools for assessing library instruction
      • Measuring what matters: Getting beyond gate count


      • Google searching is NOT BAD/WRONG/LAZY: How do we combine effective google searches with database searches?
      • Virtual reference services being provided in community college libraries: what's working
      • Delivery options for instruction: including workshops, classes, flipped, and tutorials, especially without a classroom
      • One-Experience [formerly known as "One-Shots"] Instruction: What are best practices
      • Active learning techniques and objects: getting and keeping students engaged in library instruction
      • “How do we convince people they really do want to be information literate?”
      • Basic Skills Initiatives and Programs: What is your role?
      • K-20: Are you involved in these efforts? or, High School/College connection
      • Learning Communities, Accelerated Learning, and other campus initiatives: Where is the library
      • Library SLOs


      • ebooks: collection development, collection policy, weeding, acquisition and use
      • Online Databases: Which are Essential for CCCs?
      • Patron Driven Acquisitions: Are you doing this?
      • Digital Public Library of America and other cool free resources: Are you using them?


      • Thinking inside and outside the box to market the Library to faculty, students, staff, administrators, and community members.
      • Programming ideas in community college libraries: what's on your calendar this year?
      • Outreach to public, larger community: Does your library do this?


    • WorldShare Implementation
    • Who's the boss?: Changing community college library leadership (deans, directors, department chairs, and more).
    • Library Resident and Intern Programs: Getting and giving
    • Staff retooling