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English 110 - Trujillo: Finding Sources

This guide provides students with tips and suggested resources for research in English 110 with Christina Trujillo

Finding Sources Through OneSearch

Use OneSearch to find print and online books, articles, and other types of sources. After you search, use the filters to limit your results by source type, date, and more.



For more search options go to Advanced Search.

Introduction to OneSearch

Watch the video below for an introduction to searching for books, articles, and more through the Luria Library's OneSearch.

Finding Sources Through Library Databases

For a more focused search, use a specific library database to find specific types of sources (such as scholarly articles) or sources in a particular subject area (such as psychology). From off campus you will be prompted to log in with your Pipeline information.





More Options

See the A-Z Databases list for a complete list of Luria Library databases. Use the drop-down menu to find databases by the subject area they focus on (such as psychology, history, or bio-medical sciences), or ask a librarian to recommend the best databases for your specific information need. 

Searching in EBSCOhost Databases

The following video demonstrates a basic search on EBSCOhost, the platform shared by many Luria Library databases.

The following video demonstrates an advanced search on EBSCOhost, the platform shared by many Luria Library databases.