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English 110 - Lukomski: Websites & Evaluating Sources

This guide provides students with recommended resources for research in English 110 with Wendy Lukomski.

Finding Credible Web Sources

Journalistic Standards

The Center for News Literacy at Stony Brook University uses the acronym V.I.A. to describe the characteristics shared by trustworthy media outlets:

  • Verification
    • Uses evidence from multiple credible sources to demonstrate the accuracy or truth of claims
  • Independence
    • Is free from outside control or influence
    • Makes conscious effort to set aside preexisting beliefs
    • Uses checks and balances
  • Accountability
    • Takes responsibility for work
    • Acknowledges mistakes and makes corrections

Evaluating Sources

The following video describes how to evaluate sources using five criteria: authority, accuracy, currency, relevance, and objectivity (from off campus you will need to log in using your Pipeline username and password):