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Financial Literacy: Frequently Asked Questions

This guide provides recommended resources for research and services related to financial literacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Public Service Loan Foregiveness (PSLF)?

PUBLIC SERVICE LOAN FORGIVENESS (PSLF) HELP TOOL. [image of a green field with buildings in the middle and a blue sky above]  The new PSLF Help Tool will guide you through the process to find out if you qualify for forgiveness. 1) [image of a computer] Log in with your FSA ID. The tool will import your loan Info automatically. 2) [image of a list and pencil] The tool will ask questions so you can find out If you're on the right track to loan forgiveness. 3) [image of an ID badge] You can find out if your employer qualifies for PSLF. 4) [image of tools]  You can find out if your loans qualify. If they don't the tool will walk you through your options. 5) [image of papers] Your information can be preloaded into a form that you can print and submit. service