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Information Literacy: Home

This guide provides a definition of information literacy, information about SBCC's related student learning outcomes and Information Competency Graduation requirement, and suggestions for increasing information literacy.

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What is information literacy?

"Information literacy" has to do with being able to find and use information. People who are information literate understand how information gets created and how people value it in different ways. They are able to use information to create new knowledge. Information literacy is especially important now because there is so much information available, and it is not always reliable. Being information literate can help you figure out what information is credible, and can help you find the information you need more easily. To become information literate, people need to learn to think about important topics related to information. Some questions that information literate people consider are:

  • How is information created?
  • What makes someone an authority on a topic?
  • What makes some sources of information reliable and other sources of information unreliable?
  • How does power influence information?
  • What is the nature of the research process?
  • How is information organized in libraries and on the internet?
  • How can searching strategically lead us to the best information?
  • How do experts share information to build knowledge?