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Information Literacy: Information Competency Requirement

This guide provides a definition of information literacy, information about SBCC's related student learning outcomes and Information Competency Graduation requirement, and suggestions for increasing information literacy.

Information Competency Requirement (Area F)

On May 25, 2006, the SBCC Board of Trustees approved the addition of an Information Competency as a local General Education requirement and Liberal Studies Degree requirement. Required of ALL new to college and new transfer students entering SBCC in Fall 2007 and after. Also required of all students who were enrolled at SBCC before Fall 2007, stopped attending for one semester or more, and returned to SBCC in Fall 2007 or after to complete degree requirements. Exception: Information Competency is required effective Summer 2006 for Liberal Studies majors. This requirement cannot be waived.

Library 101

Library 101: Information Literacy is currently the only SBCC course that satisfies the Information Competency Requirement. Library 101 is a one credit course taught entirely online, in both eight and sixteen week formats.

Ways to Satisfy the Information Competency, Area F, Requirement

Students who have not satisfied the Information Competency (IC), Area F, requirement at SBCC may petition this requirement by submitting a INFORMATION COMPETENCY, AREA F, GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS PETITION based on one of the following grounds:

  1. Option 1: Substitution by reciprocity: Course is approved at external transfer institution as satisfying Information Competency Graduation Requirement, OFFICIAL Transcript(s) required
  2. Option 2: Collaboration of external coursework satisfies information Competency Requirement MUST attach DETAILED course syllabus or course of study outline and OFFICIAL Transcript(s) required
  3. Option 3: completed Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree (Recency required - completed in last 6 years): Petition Information Competency Requirement based on reason, OFFICIAL Transcript(s) required

For more information, see the Student Services Information Competency Requirement page.