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Transitions / Formerly Incarcerated: FAQ

This guide provides recommended resources for research and services related to formerly incarcerated students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Education Exclusion

Educational exclusion raises unemployment rates of formerly incarcerated people. Unemployment rates of formerly incarcerated people by race/ethnicity, se, and education level, compared to the same groups in the general public (shown as white dotted lines), 2008. [The following numbers are visuak estimates from the graph] White men: No high school/GED 25%, All educational levels 20%, General public 8%. White women: No high school/GED 30%, All educational levels 20%, General public 10%. Black men: No high school/GED 40%, All educational levels 35%, General public 15%. Black women: No high school/GED 60%, All educational levels 40%, General public 13%. Hispanic men: No high school/GED 35%, All educational levels 25%, General public 10%. Hispanic women: No high school/GED 45%, All educational levels 35%, General public 10%.