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Nursing: Evidence Based Medicine

About this Guide This guide provides students with recommended resources for conducting research on topics related to Nursing. Use the tabs to navigate through the pages of the guide.

How to Find Evidence-Based Care Articles

  • For more articles including evidence based medicine, try adding the search terms "evidence based" to your search.

  • You can also select "evidence based care" under the "special interest" limit on CINAHL's Advanced Search page. 

Recommended Books

Steps of Evidence-Based Practice

The Steps of Evidence-Based Practice: [image of a person] ASSESS - Start with the patient - Is this a clinical problem or question based on the patient care? [image of a question mark] ASK - Construct a well-built clinical question derived from the case. [image of a book] AQUIRE - Find the right resources and do a search using best research. [image of a magnifyting glass] APPRAISE - Ask yourself: Is the evidence valid and applicable? [image of speech bubbles] APPLY: Talk to the patient - Integrate evidence, clinical experience and patient preference and apply it. [image of a list on a clip board] EVALUATE: Reflect and evaluate your performance with this patient.

Recommended Websites