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Nursing: Library Faculty Evaluation

About this Guide This guide provides students with recommended resources for conducting research on topics related to Nursing. Use the tabs to navigate through the pages of the guide.

About Faculty Evaluations

Thank you for taking the time to help the librarians improve our services and teaching through the faculty review process. This exercise was established by Board Policy AP 7151.

Please select the librarian you worked with in the library, during an online interaction, or who taught your class. Only librarians scheduled for evaluation will be included here.

Librarian Evaluations

Click on your librarian below to access the online evaluation form.
Passwords are handed out at the time of service:

Sally Chuah, Librarian

Edgar Alvarez, Library Resident

Sally Chuah, Librarian

Sally Chuah, Librarian

Sally Chuah, Librarian

Selina Portera, Librarian