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Learn more about OneSearch, our new library catalog.

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Use OneSearch to find print and online books, articles, and other types of sources. Limit your results to the types of sources you want by choosing the appropriate items from the filtering options.



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For do-it-yourself help, watch the OneSearch introduction video:

New Library Search Interface

Introducing OneSearch

If you used the Luria Library's website and online resources before January 2020, you'll notice that the library website and the interface used to search for library resources have changed.

OneSearch allows you to search for books, ebooks, articles, and other library sources all at once.

image of portion of old library homepage labeled 'Old books+ search' next to image of portion of new library homepage labeled 'New OneSearch'

What Has Not Changed

  • The basic way searching works -- you can still find content from some library databases through OneSearch, just as you did through books+.
  • Library database subscriptions -- you can access still access all of the library databases directly.

Using OneSearch